Lisa on Lisa

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Here is Lisa’s statement after being elected Deputy Mayor at the Nov. 15 special council meeting-

I just want to say that I am proud of the council that I just came from, and I’m very proud of the council that I’m going to be working with.

This community expects us to have a united front and to work together for the community, not for our individual interests.  And my vow to this community is to continue to go forward and to represent as best I can each and every one of you. To continue to forge strong partnerships with my fellow council members and with our other partners: the County, CU, the federal labs, our regional communities in the County along US 36.  

This community expects us to all behave in a cohesive fashion and this is a great council.  I’m proud of this council and the council I came from. We all worked very hard on very difficult issues and I think, because we all came to those issues with different perspectives, that those issues were resolved in a stronger manner than they would have been.  

We will go forward and we will continue to serve you, the community of Boulder, in our best capacity.  So thank you so much for electing the ones that you did, and I encourage those that did run but did not get elected to continue to be involved in the community.  It was a great campaign and I have enormous respect for everybody who ran.  Thank you very much.